(Item #6290)

Heavy Duty Braking Applied to all 4 Wheels

Gasoline Engine or Electric Motor Capabilities

Automatic Hydraulic Leveling in Less than 5 Seconds

Qualified Driver Dispatched with Every Order

Cruises at 50 MPH

4-Wheel Steering

Defies Most Terrains

Side Boards to Extend the Deck for Easy Walk Around

Special Platform Setups for use with Crane Arms

Partial Crabbing Ability

Remote Controlled Power Steering for Rear Wheels

Compatible with ALL Chapman Lenny Arms

Compatible with Chapman's 15 feet, 20 feet, 32 feet, & 43 feet Hydrascope Telescoping Arms

Compatible with Most Telescoping Crane Arms (Special Adapter Required)

Many Accessories Available

Standard Mount Height (Standing on Crane Deck) 3 ft. 5 in 1.04 m
Minimum Height (To Top of Center Post, Retracted) 6 ft. 5 in 1.95 m
Travel of Center Post 13 in 33 cm
Maximum Height (To Top of Center Post, Extended) 7 ft. 6 in 2.29 m
Maximum Payload* 6,000 lb 2,722 kg
Chassis Width 7 ft. 7.5 in 2.3 m
Chassis Length 16 ft. 2 in 5.3 m
Chassis Deck Height 3 ft. 4 in. 1 m
Crane Traveling Weight (without Crane Arm) 11,500 lb 5,216 kg
Tread 6 ft 4 in 1.9 m
Wheel Base 10 ft. 6.5 in 3.2 m
Tire Contact Patch (Tire Print) 11 in. x 11 in 4.3 cm x 4.3 cm
Maximum Speed on Level Ground with Battery Power (ft./sec.) 11.2 ft. /sec 3.4 m/sec.
Minimum Turn Radius To Extremity of Chassis 21 ft. 2 in 6.5 m
Standard Operational Unit Weight (No Payload) 15,500 lb 5,731 kg
*Payload includes All Items (i.e. Man, Camera, Platform, Turret, Crane Arm, etc.) on Base Mount.
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