G-2 Gyro Stabilized Head

G-2 Gyro Stabilized Head
(Item #6622)

Compact 2-Axis Gyro Stabilized Head Eliminates Unwanted Camera 'Shake' During Fast or Rough Camera Moves

Can Be Used with Film Magazines up to 1,000 ft. in Size

Rotates 720 Degrees Pan, Tilt with Lenses up to 10:1

Smooth Pan and Tilt with Your Choice of Hand Wheels or Joy Stick (Pan Bar Available Upon Request)

Special Cheese Plate to Allow More Clearance and Extension for Camera Placement.

Pan Bar System Available Upon Request

Complete Gyro Stabilization Allows Smooth Shots Over Almost Any Type of Terrain

Comes, F.I.Z. Controls, HD Viewing Monitors and Mobile Control Cart

CL Battery Pack and Chargers Available for Reliable and Long Lasting Power

Works on All Types of Camera Crane Arms, Dollies and Camera Cars

Smooth, Silent Performance

Quick Setup and Positioning

All Sides of the Camera are Easily Accessed for Loading and Lens Changes

Open Side Chassis for Tight Camera Positioning

Remote Head Technician Dispatched with Head Rental

Handles a Variety of Motion Picture and Video Cameras, Including Many 3D Setups

Can Handle Payloads of up to 200 lb.

Minimum 2-Axis Height* 30 in 76.2 cm
Maximum 2-Axis Height* 36 in 91.4 cm
Maximum 2-Axis Width 21 in 53.3 cm
2-Axis Depth 20.5 in 52 cm
Minimum 2-Axis Camera Clearance 22 in 55.8 cm
Maximum 2-Axis Camera Clearance 28 in 71.1 cm
2- Axis Weight 70 lb 31.8 kg
2- Axis Payload Capacity (Recommended) 200 lb 90.9 kg
Pan, Tilt and Roll Movement 720 degrees
Speed Range (Pan & Tilt) From 0 degrees to 180 degrees/ sec.
Mounting Base Standard Mitchell
Outputs at Camera (via Chapman Cable Package BNC 75 Ohm (x3)
Voltage 12 volts at 2 amps for video (x2)
Voltage 12 or 15 volts at 10 amps peak (x2)
Voltage 24 or 30 volts at 15 amps peak
Lens Control Systems Preston FIZ and Arri Lens Control
Power Supply 20-70 volts DC - .5 to .15 amps
Cable Supply Wide Range
*Height measured from Top of Castle Nut to Bottom of Tilt Plate.
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