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Chapman/Leonard manufactures custom camera support equipment for all types of motion picture and television productions, specializing in camera cranes, arms, telescoping arms, dollies, pedestals, remote camera and camera stabilizing systems. Chapman/Leonard equipment will save on production time - and therefore on production costs - while enhancing your production capabilities.

Chapman Studio Equipment began its operation in 1945, teaming up with Leonard Studio Equipment in 1965, to create the Chapman / Leonard Studio Equipment, Inc. that exists today. Since its beginning, Chapman / Leonard has always manufactured and rented camera support equipment for motion picture and television use. One of the initial producers to use the first of our automatic leveling location cranes was Cecil B. Demille in his epic film, “The Ten Commandments,” proving Chapmans’ equipment essential for top quality and specialized camera movements. Today Chapman / Leonard Studio Equipment leases and rents camera support equipment worldwide. Chapmans’ number one goal has always been ultimate creativity with utmost safety.

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Camera movement; that is what we are all about! You may not always see us on the screen, but we have been here a long time. Since 1945 Chapman Studio Equipment has been supplying camera support equipment to various productions. From feature films, commercials, television series, music videos to infomercials, Chapman has helped create, helping to create many of the memorable scenes we all know today! Since its beginning, Chapman has been involved with camera movement, working under the careful supervision of the Director, Director of Photography, Key and Dolly Grips, to create moments of fear, impact, loneliness, confusion and many other emotions, utilizing camera movement to enhance the scene. Chapman / Leonard is continuing to develop new and improved ways to move the camera. Combining old techniques with new, it is our goal to accommodate the creative process and obtain the image the Director and Director of Photography want to preserve on film.

We look forward to many new projects in the future and will continue our tradition of providing quality, time-saving equipment.

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