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  • Remote Camera Heads
  • SKU: 60066


The Chapman Leonard 2 axis remote head is a powerful and reliable tool for professional cinematographers. It features back pan compensation and 15 degrees of leveling in both directions, allowing cinematographers to quickly adjust the level of their shots. Its powerful motors enable it to handle heavy camera payloads, and limits can be set on all its axis. This remote head is offered in Aluminum and Magnesium, weight is the primary difference. In addition, there’s a variety of sizes, Standard, Mini, and our XL system is often used for lighting rigs.  The CL head runs from lithium batteries, is water resistant, and won’t drift during lock off shots. This makes it an ideal tool for its cost efficiency and build quality, truly supporting large lenses and fully built out camera bodies.

Product Overview and Key Features Specifications Downloads
  • Compact 2-Axis Gyro Stabilized Head Eliminates Unwanted Camera 'Shake' During Fast or Rough Camera Moves
  • Encoder Mode at the Touch of a Finger, Allowing Repeatable Moves of up to One Minute Ten Seconds Long
  • Encoders Capable of CGI Application in Any Axis
  • The CL Head has the Capability of Recording Data Through Each Axis Position To Accommodate CGI Requirements
  • The CL Head has the Ability to Change Configurations Making it Easy to Fit in Tight Areas Such As a Car Door Window
  • New Design Eliminates Drift When Used in Gyro Stabilized Mode
  • The CL Head Allows the Operator to Control the Speed and Dampening on All Axis by Fingertip Through the Wheel Console
  • The CL Head Operator has the Capability to Adjust Stop Limits on the Fly Through the Wheel Console
  • The CL Head Side Plates Can be Adjusted in Seconds to Accommodate Camera and Lens Clearance, While Keeping the Camera Balanced
  • Can Be Used with Film Magazines up to 1,000 ft. in Size
  • Rotation of Pan is + or - 720 Degrees, Tilt is + or - 720 Degrees and Roll is + or - 42 Degrees
  • Smooth Pan, Tilt and Roll with Hand Wheels Console
  • Incorporates Auto Leveling on Roll Axis In Both Encoder and Gyro Stabilized Modes
  • Comes with F.I.Z. Controls, HD Viewing Monitors and Mobile Control Cart
  • Can be Utilized in Either 2-Axis or 3-Axis Configuration
  • CL Battery Pack and Chargers Available for Reliable and Long Lasting Power
  • Works on All Types of Camera Crane Arms, Dollies and Camera Cars
  • Smooth, Silent Performance
  • Quick Setup and Positioning
  • All Sides of the Camera are Easily Accessed for Loading and Lens Changes
  • Remote Head Technician Dispatched with Head Rental
  • Water Resistant
  • Can Be Used with a Variety of Motion Picture and Video Cameras, Especially Many 3D Setups
  • Can Handle Payloads of up to 100 lb
Minimum 2 or 3-Axis Height
25.4 in / 64.5 cm
Maximum 2 or 3-Axis Height
32.9 in. / 83.6 cm
2 or 3-Axis Depth
9.3 in. / 23.8 cm
Minimum 2 or 3 Axis Width
18.7 in. / 47.4 cm
Maximum 2 or 3 Axis Width
21.7 in. / 55.1 cm
Minimum 2 or 3-Axis Camera Clearance-Height
18.4 in. / 46.7 cm
Maximum 2 or 3-Axis Camera Clearance-Height
26.1 in. / 66.2 cm
Minimum 2 or 3-Axis Camera Clearance-Width
10 in / 25.4 cm
Maximum 2 or 3-Axis Camera Clearance-Width
13 in / 33 cm
2-Axis Weight without Payload
61 lb / 27.7 kg
2-Axis Payload Capacity (Recommended)
100 lb / 45.4 kg
3-Axis Weight w/o Payload
85 lb / 36.6 kg
3-Axis Payload Capacity (Recommended)
100 lb / 45.4 kg

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