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  • Camera Dollies
  • Pedestal
  • SKU: 2000


The Pedolly incorporates both crab and conventional steering capabilities and can be changed by remote or by hand. It offers a 4 Stage Pneumatic Nitrogen filled column for smooth quiet performance. Open access to wheels for maintenance. Locking column at any height (friction brake). Can be used on standard 24.5inch or straight or curved track. Special Off Road Transport Dolly available

Product Overview and Key Features Specifications Downloads (Coming Soon)

Key features of the Pedolly include:

  • Incorporates both Crab and Conventional Steering Capabilities
  • Steering can be changed by remote or by hand
  • 4 Stage Pneumatic Nitrogen filled Column for smooth quiet performance
  • Open access to wheels for maintenance
  • Locking column at any height (friction brake)
  • Can be used on standard 24.5in straight or curved track
  • Special Off Road Transport Dolly available
  • Special tire compound eliminates squeaking
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Interchangeable tires (medium or soft)
  • Split chassis is adjustable for different loads
  • Split chassis with 3-point suspension dampening and four wheel stability
  • The Pedolly has wheel brakes
  • 22in steering ring available
  • Changeable leg positions
  • Easily replaced telescoping steering
  • Column is securable to floors or platforms when removed
  • Seating capability

Specs coming soon!