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  • Crane Arms
  • SKU: 4740

Lenny Arm III

Despite an impressive reach and payload, the Lenny Arm III is easy to transport and assemble because of the carry handles that run the length of each 5ft, 92 pound aluminum section.

The handles are engineered to bolster the strength of one of the largest Chapman / Leonard’s arms.

Product Overview and Key Features Specifications Downloads (Coming Soon)

Aerodynamic holes, along the arm, allows less wind resistance, making this mega arm easy to pan.Used in conjunction with the ATB Base, this unit satisfies a need for remote applications requiring a maximum reach of 55' 4" and a maximum elevation of 47' 3".

Another outstanding feature of this model is a built-in leveling control rod. It is just one of the functional elements that comprise a sophisticated shooting platform, praised throughout the industry for smoothness and easy to use. Check our specification book for payload rates.

Specs coming soon