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  • Stage Cranes
  • SKU: 4110


The Sidewinder operates on 8 Wheels (Power Delivered to 4) Hydraulic Floor Locks Dual Steering Control Batteries Give 24 Hours Use Automatic Valve Control Dual Rocker Suspension (8 Wheels to 3 Point Suspension) Automatic Shut Off in Charger Silent Operation Battery Charge Pre-Set for either 110v or 220v Great for Football.

Product Overview and Key Features Specifications Downloads (Coming Soon)

Operates on 6 Tires (4 Front, 2 Rear)

Friction Brakes for Pan and Tilt Movement

Large High Capacity Batteries Allow 24 Hours of Use on a Full Charge

Charger Tapers off as Batteries Are Energized

Battery Charge PreSet for either 110v or 220v

Rocker Suspension

Turn Around Front Wheels

All Steel Construction

Solid or Pneumatic Tires Available

360 Degree Arm Swing

Hydraulic Chassis and Momentary Parking Brake

Selection of Turrets, Risers and Extensions

Specialty Track Available Upon Request

Electric Powered for Smooth, Silent Operation in Forward and Reverse Modes

20 feet Flatbed Trailer with 2.3 inches Ball Hitch for Transportation Available Upon Request

Many Accessories Available