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Hydrascope 32 w/ Sliding Weight System

The Hydrascope 32 offers an incorporated sliding weight system. The sliding weight system counter acts the buoyancy of the water, making transition moves in and out of water possible!

Product Overview and Key Features Specifications Downloads

Chapman Leonard is proud to be the manufacturer of the Hydrascope telescopic crane, which is manufactured in the USA at our facility. The Hydrascope is operated by a hydraulic system, providing smooth and fluid movements. The Hydrascope is also waterproof, meaning it can be used for a variety of applications from rain scenes, water submersion, and weathers well in harsh and dusty conditions. The unique Hydrascope feature is the rotary handset, designed to give the same booming operation feel as a dolly. These features make the Hydrascope a great choice for filmmakers who need a reliable and efficient crane, that can handle the harshest location. Sizes include 70', 50', 40', 32', 20', and 15’. The Hydrascopes are all capable of heavy cameras and head payloads. The nose allows for quick over to under-slung rotation in seconds. The Hydrascope is a strong and reliable telescopic crane that is suitable for use in any type of environment. 

Hydrascope 32 Key Features

  • Waterproof Telescoping Crane System
  • Heavy Duty Construction for use on Land and Underwater
  • Quick Easy Setup
  • 360 Degree Rotation
  • 30 volt DC Chapman or Lithium Battery Included
  • AC/DC Converter included
  • Telescoping operation by your choice of thumb (aka pickle) or removable hand control valve
  • Can be used with your choice of remote head up to 250 lb
  • Accepts standard Mitchell Mount for both Remote Head and Base
  • Comes with Ultra CS Base with telescoping center post for easy mounting and unmounting
  • Can be mounted on Raptor Mobile Base, Maverick, or Camera Car making transport on set easy and quick
  • New Sliding Weight System for Counter Balance Use Underwater (This setup requires a 3rd Technician)
  • Fits through a doorway of 39 1/2in wide with a caster wheel setup of 48in wide with single hard tire setup (add an inch or two for clearance)
  • Two Trained Technicians Dispatched with Every Unit
  • Comes enclosed in a Chapman/Leonard truck or enclosed trailer for storage
Full extension
Travel length
Fully retracted
Rear length
Max speed
5‘per sec
Max nose load underslung w/ leveling nose
250 LBS
Max nose load w/ orbiter nose
250 LBS / M7 evo required
Max load over slung w/ leveling nose
180 LBS
Max Height to Mitchel over slung, on UCS base posted up
Max Height to Mitchell under slung, on UCS base posted up
Lowest Point of Arm on UCS base posted down and leveled
Max Height to Mitchel over slung, on Raptor posted up
Max Height to Mitchel over slung, on Raptor posted up
Lowest Point of Arm on Raptor posted down and leveled
Crane Weight with UCS base, Amphibian, Hydroflex Housing, and Standard Camera Package
5,500 LBS
Weight of Stripped Arm
3,000 LBS

*Payload includes All Items (i.e. Man, Camera, Platform, Turret, Crane Arm, etc.) on Arm
**Payload includes All Items (i.e. Man, Camera, Platform, Turret, Crane Arm, etc.) on Base Mount.

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