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Tracker XL

The Tracker XL is an electric-powered camera car that offers maximum versatility in subject tracking and camera positioning.

Description Features Specs

The Tracker XL is an electric-powered camera car that offers maximum versatility in subject tracking and camera positioning. This unit can be loaded with camera mounts, camera equipment, sound equipment and the crew.

The Tracker XL can also be used in non-tracking shots as a base for the camera crane so it can be instantly moved around as needed without costly delays. The Tracker XL is covered with aluminum cheeseplate with 3/8″ holes drilled 1″ o.c. to allow for infinite rigging possibilities. There are four panels that can be quickly removed and repositioned as step plates. Sixteen 1¼” speed rail receivers located on the deck, side, front and rear of the unit are used to secure the crew for any custom rigging requirements.

The four-wheel independent air bag suspension allows the operator to make adjustments right from the control panel to balance the load and maintain a level surface. Four passenger seats, with seat belts, bolted to base plates can be quickly repositioned to accommodate various seating arrangements. There are multiple state-of-the-art intrinsically safe lithium batteries to produce 100% power for extended periods—a 200% increase over lead acid batteries.

For portable power for filming equipment such as lights, cranes, remote heads.

  1. Powered by multiple intrinsically safe lithium batteries for extended run time, a 200% increase over lead acid batteries
  2. Capable of 35-45 mph, depending on weight load, terrain and incline
  3. Supports jib arms and telescopic cranes up to 17’ with the optional Crane Mount
  4. Repositionable 3/8” aluminum cheese-plate panels can be attached to any of the speed-rail receivers to create step plates or platforms
  5. Accommodates driver plus four crew members with repositionable seats
  6. Adjustable air bag suspension maintains a level vehicle under load. Adjusted by an on-board switch
  7. Sixteen 1-1/4” speed rail receivers located on the top deck, sides, front and rear
  8. Rear tow hitch receiver in back, plus complementary towing accessories
  9. Ceramic disc brakes for quick, quiet stopping
Top Speed
Height to Deck
Overall Height
Front Deck Dimensions
36" X 51"
Rear Deck Dimensions
23" X 51"
Wheel Base
1,700 lbs
Front Load Capacity
500 lbs
Rear Load Capacity
500 lbs
Total Load Capacity
1,250 lbs
180-Degree Turning Radius
6 ft
Max Tow Capacity
4,000 lbs
Speed Rail Receivers
Tow Hitch Receiver
Max. Telescopic Crane Size
17 ft