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Eric Zucker (EZ)

"My name is Eric Zucker, known on set as EZ. I have been pushing Chapman dollies for more than 20 years, and in an industry where the demand is high for excellence, it is important to have equipment you can trust. Over the years, I have worked with Chapman to develop new equipment for my Operator's comfort, as well as to achieve the perfect shot. As a Dolly Grip, one of our jobs is to achieve the vision of others. Sometimes those visions require a tool that does not exist yet, and Chapman has always been there for me to create everything we need. When I get a call from a Director of Photography regarding an upcoming shot, I know, no matter how strange of a request, Chapman will help me with the tools I need to accomplish it. 

Years ago, when I first met Leonard, immediately after our introductions were made, he eagerly asked, "how can I make Chapman dollies better for you?" Leonard not only believes in his dollies, he believes in his Dolly Grips. He’s always told me that he can design the dolly, but we determine how it is used. Through the years I’ve pushed all models of Chapman Dollies, and I continue to be amazed by the quality they possess. Not one dolly is better than the next, they are just different tools for different shots. However, there is one model that has stood out to me over the years, and that’s my Hybrid V. I have put this dolly through the wringer, from severe weather to tough terrain, and it has exceeded all expectations. 

When I am faced with a high-pressure move, a large chunk of my confidence can be attributed to my Hybrid V Chapman Dolly. Chapman has invested in me just as much as I have in them, and it is a partnership I hold close to my heart. You are only as good as your equipment, and that is why I push the best."

Darryl Humber, Dolly Grip

2022 SOC Lifetime Achievement Award recipient

"I’ve been a Chapman user for over thirty years. It’s important to me to know exactly how my dolly is going to perform when I take the brake off. Chapman and my trusty Hustler 4 give me that confidence."

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