Unleash the Power of Smooth Movement: Your Guide to Chapman/Leonard’s V Series Camera Dollies.

Chapman/Leonard's V series dollies push the limits.

By webmaster | Mar. 20, 2024 | 3 min. read

For filmmakers and video creators seeking to elevate their storytelling and capture smooth, dynamic footage, a camera dolly is an invaluable tool. Chapman/Leonard, a leader in the camera equipment industry for over 75 years, offers a range of innovative camera dollies designed to meet the diverse needs of today’s creative professionals. Our V Series lineup, encompassing the Super Peewee V, Hybrid V, and Hustler V, stands out as a testament to our commitment to excellence and innovation.

The V Series: A Trio of Power and Precision

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Chapman/Leonard’s V Series dollies are designed to empower filmmakers with unparalleled versatility and control. Each model boasts unique features:

● Super Peewee V: This compact and agile dolly excels in tight spaces and on-the-go filming. Its lightweight design and three-mode steering (conventional, crab, and round) make it ideal for capturing dynamic footage in any environment.

● Hybrid V: Blending the precision of a hydraulic dolly with the flexibility of battery power, the Hybrid V offers the best of both worlds. Whether in a controlled studio setting or on location, this versatile dolly delivers smooth, controlled camera movements.

● Hustler V: Designed for demanding productions, the Hustler V is a true powerhouse. Its heavy-duty construction and enhanced hydraulics provide the strength and stability needed for even the most ambitious projects.


Beyond the Basics: Features that Empower Your Vision

The V Series dollies go beyond basic functionality, offering a range of advanced features that enhance your creative potential:

● Hybrid power system: Choose between AC power and the built-in lithium battery for uninterrupted operation, regardless of your location.

● Enhanced hydraulics: Experience reduced recharge times and greater lifting capacity for seamless shooting, even with heavier camera setups.

● Operator-friendly controls: The intuitive and ergonomically designed controls, including the V Series arm’s improved valve concept and tool-free adjustments, provide precise and comfortable operation.

● Lightweight and portable: All V Series dollies boast a compact design with durable aluminum sideboards for easy transportation and setup, even in tight spaces.

● Off-road capabilities: Conquer diverse terrains with the optional off-road wheel accessory, enabling you to capture stunning footage even in challenging environments.

● Extensive accessory options: Customize your dolly with a variety of accessories, including track options and camera platforms. Tailor the V series to your specific requirements.


The V Series: Elevating Storytelling Across Diverse Needs

Whether you’re a seasoned filmmaker working on a high-budget production, a content creator capturing captivating videos, or an event videographer seeking to document a special occasion, the V Series offers a dolly that perfectly aligns with your creative vision and technical requirements.

Invest in Your Creativity: Rent a V Series Dolly Today

Chapman/Leonard’s V Series dollies are built to last, with high-quality materials and exceptional craftsmanship.

Explore the features and specifications of each model, discover the perfect accessory to complement your needs, and unlock the power of smooth camera movement to elevate your storytelling. Learn more about the V Series dollies.