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Chapman/Leonard's objective is to provide state-of-the-art camera support equipment to our clients.

"The Hydrascope will be on all my future jobs!" - Claudio Miranda...Cinematographer


"I have shot over 120 films in the last 40 years, and I have used only Chapman dollies on every one of them. The Hybrid is my all-time favorite!" - Mark Irwin...Cinematographer


"As a Key Grip on "The Long Road Home" I had to deliver amazing shots to two different DP's and two very demanding Directors. From the excellent Dolly's to the fantastic Hydrascope line of telescoping cranes, as well as the awesome Dual Crane combination of the Super Nova and Hydrasopce, with it's incredible reach, and vervatility, there was no shot we couldn't get! The amaxing Technicians that provide the support to make sure there is no down time on set and superior service from Chapman are a few of the reasons I'll always have their equipment on every show I am apart of!" - Mark Andrus...Key Grip


"I feel like having equipment from Chapman/Leonard on a movie with me, is like having an old friend watching my back. The equipment is designed and has evolved with the requirements of the Grips in the field as the primary focus. It just works and you know that the equipment is backed up by a team that takes great pride in the fact that they don't let the guys on the frontline down. I hope never to have to do a movie without a Chapman!" - Sanjay Sami...Key Grip


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